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PHI GITSHAM    B.H.Sc. Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. 



What is Acupuncture

  • Insertion of very fine needles into specific points in the body
  • It creates movement of energy, blood and body fluids.  Also clears heat and cold
  • Works to remove blockages, strengthen function, create overall balance
  • Acupuncture is a “complete” system – it addresses all areas (physical/organs, mental and emotional)
  • Acupuncture uses a wide range of techniques.  These can include:

o           Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) / Massage / Bodywork / Acupressure

o           Needling – Acupuncture does not need to be painful. If you are really concerned about needles, try Laser with Phi which is not felt at all by most people.

o           Cupping – gentle muscle suction

o           Moxibustion / Moxa – soothing heat treatment on points

o           Chinese Herbal pills, capsules or powders.


What about Chinese Herbs?

  • Based on 2000 years of practice and information
  • Natural, no preservatives, no alcohol
  • Formulas for acute and chronic conditions
  • Also used for maintenance as applicable
  • For adults and children and safe in pregnancy.


Who benefits from Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture?

  • Everyone.  It is suitable for all ages. Phi specialises in how to use Acupuncture safely for pregnancy, when some points are contraindicated at certain stages. Laser therapy with Phi is also safe for all age groups and during pregnancy. Laser is not suitable for patients currently undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or with cancer tumours in the growth stage.


What type of treatment will I receive?

  • The type of treatment used will depend on the individual person and your diagnosis. Phi will discuss with you the recommended treatment and explain to you what will work so you understand your options and she will work with you to create a treatment plan that you are happy with. 


How long are Consultations?

  • Initial Consultations require 90 minutes.
  • Follow-up Consultations usually require 60 minutes. Sometimes your appointment will last longer, you can let us know if you need to leave at a specific time.

What happens at the Initial Consultation?

  • Phe will:

o           Ask you questions

o           Take your Pulse

o           Look at your Tongue

o           Palpate some Points

o           And then start your Treatment after discussing it with you. 


How many Treatments do I need?

  • Each case is individual and depends on your diagnosis
  • You can expect anything from 1 to 10 visits
  • Menstrual problems are usually treated for 3 period cycles, 3-4 times each month
  • Some conditions benefit from seasonal or periodic attention every few months.


Do I need a Doctor’s referral to see an Acupuncturist?

  • No.

What conditions does Chinese Medicine /Acupuncture treat?


Painful or Irregular Periods or Endometriosis


Pregnancy Issues & Birth Preparation

Amenorrhoea (no period)

Peri-menopausal / Menopausal

Post Natal Recovery

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Headaches / Migraines

Chronic Illness – Any

Stress & Tension

Colds & Flu

Asthma & Respiratory problems


Injuries – Tissue & Bone Repair

Chronic Inflammation eg Tendonitis

Bronchitis & Coughing

Heyfever / Seasonal Allergy

Chronic Fatigue

Sciatica & some other Nerve pains

Insomnia / Sleep Apnea

Dermatology – Acne, Eczema & more


Is Acupuncture safe? Is it painful?

  • YES it is safe
  • NO it is not painful. If you are really needle phobic all Acupuncture can be done via Laser which you will not feel. 
  • Acupuncturists are trained to needle specific locations on the body to a safe depth and do not damage internal structures.

Is Laser Therapy safe? Is it painful? 

  • YES it is safe. Laser can be used on anyone except for those with a fever or people who are currently active growing cancer tumours, or patients undergoing chemotherapy & radiotherapy. If you are undergoing these treatments, you can receive Laser after your treatments course has completed and during periods of remission, or recovery. 
  • NO it is not painful, infact most people do not feel it at all. Some feel a very mild sense of an energy ray. 
  • Acupuncturists are trained in Laser Therapy and the correct application for many different conditions. Phi owns 3 different lasers and is very enthusiastic about Laser research and is continually learning more. 

What Qualifications does an Acupuncturist / Chinese Medicine practitioner have?

  • Minimum 4 year Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine.

 What is Shamanic Healing or Seichim-Reiki with Phi Gitsham?

  • Seichim Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing technique. The practitioner places their hands over parts of your body and a palpable energy comes through to the client. This energy is quite strong in some healers, and allows the client to fall into a deep relaxation and lucid like dream
  • A Shamanic Healing Seer can see energy directly in your body as well as sense what is going on in your mind and Phe will talk to you towards the end of the session about what she sees.  Your problems naturally improve as does your state of mind after healing sessions.

 About Phi Gitsham

  • Phi graduated from Victoria University in 2006 – B.H.Sc. Chinese Medicine
  • She studied Chinese Medicine full time for 5 years
  • She has also studied Dance which contributes to her knowledge of the body anatomy and movement
  • She spent 5 years as an apprentice to a Native American Shamanic Healer, where she learnt hands on healing and shamanic healing techniques
  • Phi meditates daily and has a disciplined physical training routine – she does shamanic martial arts, contemporary dance, ballet, running, yoga.

 Is Phi Gitsham a Registered Practitioner belonging to any Associations?

  • Yes, Phi is a practicing member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
  • In 2012 National Government Registration came into effect for Chinese Medicine Practitioners. Phi has been registered before in Vic since 2006 and since it's inception Phi has been Nationally registered with AHPRA in the division of Acupuncture. (Australian Health Practitioners Registration Association; Chinese Medicine Board). 

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